Do education and ability work in synchronization!?

Both education and abilities have an equal stand. Then what is it exactly that matters?

Azim Premji once said, “What matters the most is how one deals with situations”. Even though that does not answer our question, let’s find the answer to this question with an example. Imagine, you got a fire emergency, and you know that the fire helpline number is 101 and also how to put out the fire. What will you do in such a situation? Will you try to put out the fire and meanwhile try calling the fire brigade?

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Do you realize what you just did here? You applied both your ability and education. So what mattered the most according to you? Your ability or education?

It is KNOWLEDGE that matters the most right, which requires the application of both, don’t you think? It is all about how you comprehend the situation and apply both. The purpose of education is to open the limitations of thinking, and ability is what you are capable of doing with those ideas and thoughts.

Knowledge is a combination of education and ability. Applying either education or ability is not to be appreciated. It is all about how one thinks and deals with situations. Doubtless, that ability and education are crucial, but the knowledge to take both at a time is often appreciated as in the above case.

Apart from these things, even hard work and smart work must go hand in hand. There is no denying that you need to work hard to create a foundation for great achievements. However, if you work smart, you can do the same amount of work faster and efficiently.

According to an article posted by ‘The University of Chicago Press’, there have been changes in returns to formal education and cognitive skills over the past 20 years using the 1979 and 1997 waves of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. They indicate that cognitive skills have had a 30%-50% larger effect on wages in the 1980s than in the 2000s. Return to education was higher in the 2000s.

These words might not make any relevance to you just yet. But these are the ‘terms’ that one utilizes in sync while attempting multiple tasks, doing jobs, even your day to day normal activities, and many more things.

Knowing yourself and your potential ability in such a scenario is very crucial in such a situation. You can visit ‘’, make a detailed profile about yourself, perform a psychometric test, which is absolutely free, and know your stand in a time span of 30–45 minutes.

Wait now, and you might lose quality time. Start your journey ‘TODAY’!



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