Why do most people get stuck in their career?

Getting stuck is the worst thing ever because you cannot take left or right. When it comes to your career, logs of stress fall on your head and you fail to sort it out. Most people are unwilling to risk stability to pursue their dreams. This is where they lack. There are so many people who fear to pursue their dreams because it’s too “unrealistic” for them or they feel the pressure of being shown the door will put them in poverty.

Source: CTC

Choosing a career can be a lifelong process that involves not only a significant amount of time and money but also a lot of self-exploration. We define ourselves by what we do. We try to fit our lifestyle, our relationships, and our purposes in life into our careers. In some instances, circumstances force people to take unpleasant jobs as a career. But you cannot let it weigh on yourself. Here are some major reasons that you must keep track of before they become uncontrollable, making you stuck in your careers:

Getting demotivated

At times we ignore seeing people how they grow. So what you should do is learn from their failures and improve yourself. For example, if you are a fitness-freak and see a career in it, it’s better if you hang around with like-minded people as they help you upskill yourself and push your limits. They’ll have valuable teachings for you about breaking free, getting ahead and they’ll also help you grow in your career.

Your limitation — No, it’s only your imagination!


In today’s race, maybe we all started working for money. In this process, we take the wrong career options and fall into a trap. You forget to have a work-life balance because your career is all-encompassing. Thus, do what suits you and what you love to do, and not what makes you a machine. You should earn to live and not live to earn. Getting tempted feels good for a while, later it makes you unhappy. Thus, find happiness in your current career or look for a career that you like.

Happiness is a direction, not a place.

Took wrong decisions

As they say, “wrong choices make great stories” so, no worries! As it is, barely anyone does it correctly in one go. Moreover, in this type of situation, you keep thinking and forget to grow. Put a full stop to your pressure and start working for your passion. When you are stuck, talk to people and seek advice. If not, think of yourself. “My life, My rules!” should be your motto. Clarity comes from actions, not thoughts. You can’t be clear in thoughts, so if you’ve been waiting to magically wake up one morning and feel unstuck; it’s not going to happen. You have to make a decision. That decision, which could view your next career move rather than fear.

Good decisions come from experience and experience come from wrong decisions.

Upskill yourself constantly

You need to make your career more effective by developing your skills. Outdated skills keep you stuck in old presentations of life. New skills will let you meet new people, upgrading your career, and finding fun there. Make your professional development plan and research ways you can amplify your skills.

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.

If you still feel that you’re stuck and would like to learn fast and more efficiently, there are online courses that can guide you accordingly. But it might be hard sometimes to decide which course to take and from which website, generally people postpone this decision and get stuck in the ‘I am just-thinking’ trap. You can visit the Dashboard.myways.in, a platform developed in IIT Delhi which recommends the best courses available on multiple websites based on your interests, skill-level, and authenticity of courses. And it’s free! So what are you waiting for? Start your new Journey Today!



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